Hi, I’m Shree Advani.

You may also call me Mind Captain.

Hi, I’m Shree Advani.

You may also call me Mind Captain.

I was introduced to coaching back in 2003, when I started working as a corporate trainer and coach for a company in Australia. However, it was in December 2006, during a visit to my family back in India, when my journey as a Mind Coach began. This visit happened to coincide with my younger brother, Pankaj Advani’s, preparations for the upcoming Asian Games in Doha. Drawing from my coaching experience in the corporate sector, I coached him to gain more self-belief and confidence, as well as convert pressure into performance. Following this, Pankaj went on to win his maiden Games Gold Medal in Billiards, dedicating his win to our coaching sessions. I then applied the same coaching principles to mentally toughen some of my friends in cricket, tennis, and cue Sports. Being a National-level Billiards competitor myself, and with the experience in mind coaching Pankaj and my friends, I understood the need for such guidance in the field of professional sports and how it could help the sportspersons bring pride to the nation. Following this realisation, I went on to master the art of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) – a behavioural technology specialising in rewiring the human mind to achieve peak performance. This, along with my strong training experience from Australia, charted my path into the world of human development through performance coaching. And I haven’t looked back. 
So far in my experience as a Mind Coach, I have had the pleasure of working with some of the most brilliant minds over the course of my career; dealing hands-on with athletes from over a dozen sports, students from schools and colleges, to professionals in the fields of entrepreneurship and entertainment. Personally, the experience of working with them to bring forth their potential and seeing them excel in their respective fields bring about absolute fulfilment every single day. While some of them have gone on to become champions, World No. 1s, Olympic medallists, corporate honchos, and National as well as International stars, many more are on their way to Paris 2024 and beyond. I have been and am continuing to coach sports people at various levels in disciplines such as cue sports, golf, tennis, cricket, badminton, football, motor racing, squash, chess, triathlon, rock-climbing, fencing, swimming, table tennis, basketball, roller-skating, heptathlon, archery, boxing, cycling, shooting and several more.

In my 20 years of experience so far, the mind, I believe is one of the most powerful yet versatile assets we possess and to master it is nothing short of an art in itself. Isn’t it strange that we are taught how to read, write, drive, play, etc., but not educated on how to compete, overcome mental hurdles and optimize our greatest weapon – the mind? If you are curious to learn about the benefits Mind Coaching has in store for you, read on…




Access your hidden, untapped potential, and widen your range of capabilities


Break unproductive patterns and develop constructive habits to reach goals.


Work smart and learn how to run your time rather than letting time run you.


Train your mind and use self-belief as a tool to achieve self-confidence


Train your mind to perform at your best even under stress and pressure.


You will notice better focus levels and greater confidence in your education.


Let’s think limitlessly. After all, do we know for sure if there even is a box?


Achieve conditioned, superlative focus by minimizing lapses and distractions.


Develop the ‘Never-Say-Die’ attitude and become a thorough professional.

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